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Passover in the Laodicean Era

The observance of Passover within God’s Church is a service to be highly esteemed before it is partaken of. (I Co 11:28).


This service pictures the sacrifice and death of Jesus Christ to pay the death penalty for sin. (Luke 22:19-20) The Passover is an annual renewal of each Church member’s baptismal covenant to serve and obey God for another year.

Passover should not be partaken of in an unworthy or irreverent manner. (I Cor. 11:27) Partaking of the Passover in this manner shows a deep lack of respect and understanding for the meaning of Christ’s sacrifice. (I Cor. 11:27, 29)

Properly partaking in the Passover requires each individual Church member to examine their spiritual lives first. (I Cor. 11:28) This means to test oneself and find the need for participating in this solemn ceremony.

Sadly, in the final era of God’s Church today, the Passover is not being observed with great reverence. (Rev. 3:17) For Christ to describe the last era of God’s Church as “wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked” reveals the presence of an irreverent attitude toward the sacrifice He made.

Laodiceans are arrogant and self-righteous about their spiritual lives. (Rev. 3:17a) This self-delusional perspective of oneself prevents the Passover from being observed in a worthy manner.

Isaiah shows the kind of attitude God wants to see in people He is working with. (Isa. 66:2b). It is this same humble and contrite spirit God is looking for in those coming to partake in the Passover. This is not the attitude of Laodicean Christians today. (Rev. 3:18-19)

God’s Church is filled with great strife and division. The ministry has established itself to carry on God’s work as it sees fit, not according to God’s will. These men make great boasts about how their organizations are doing God’s work and how God is working mightily through them. (II Pet. 2:12,18) Yet combine their efforts together and they cannot be compared to the great work God did through Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. (Matt. 24:14)

Will you partake of the Passover this year in a worthy manner? Will the ministry conducting Passover services be doing so in a worthy manner? Will Christ be pleased with your self-examination? Can you identify areas of your life where you are “wretched” and therefore in great need of Christ’s sacrifice, like Paul? (Rom. 7:24)

We are living in very dangerous times and the world is in serious trouble. Mr. Armstrong warned about these times and how they would come to pass. (Matt. 24:21)

The birthright nations of the United States and Great Britain are utterly corrupt. (Hos. 4:1, 6) The Catholic Church is beginning to flex its old muscle of influence. (Rev. 17:4-5) The Middle East is on the verge of explosion, with Jerusalem as the focal point. (Luke 21:20-24). God’s Church is a lukewarm spiritual mess. (Rev. 3:14-16) All these signs point to the fulfillment of Christ’s prophecy concerning Great Tribulation, which left unchecked, would cause the annihilation of all mankind. (Matt. 24:22)

Christ warned Laodicean Christians to “be[come] zealous” again for God’s Truth. This requires repentance. (Rev. 3:19)

Are you willing to seriously examine your life and correct the “lukewarm” spirit residing within you before partaking in this year’s Passover?

Passover is a time of spiritual re-commitment. The old year has passed and a new one has begun. (Ex 12:2) Before partaking in the Passover for 2015, examine every element of your life. Don’t disrespect Christ’s sacrifice by partaking in the Passover without examining yourself first. (I Cor. 11:28)

Christ laid it all on the line without any complaint. (II Pet. 2:21-24) God the Father accepts Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf to make our salvation possible through His Son. (John 3:16)

Deeply respect the Passover and worthily partake of it with a humble and contrite spirit.

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